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Welcome to Harrington Builders Kenley Ltd. Your first choice in South London.

Harrington Builders Kenley Ltd has over 30 years experience in skilled labour and client relationships, in and around the South London area. We are aware that having work undertaken on your house can interrupt your daily routine. We therefore make every effort to ensure that each contract, however large or small, is carried out to the highest standard, with the best sourced quality materials and always taking you and your family in consideration by causing the least amount of disruption possible.

We keep our work force small so that you see the same people throughout the job and don't have a constant stream of new people in your house, but we also have a team of trusted sub contractors we have been working with for a number of years so we can increase in size when necessary.

We are highly rated on checkatrade (9.95) and also underwent a very stringent vetting process to become a "Trusted Trader" approved by "The Which"

If you are looking for Builders for an Extension, Renovation, Structural Work, or complete Remodelling of your house please contact us now.

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Internal and external renovations have been carried out by Harrington Builders Kenley Ltd for over 30 years...

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